the road to beauty

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The road to beauty is not very long.  In fact, beauty is usually waiting to be experienced in every moment. Sometimes it is found in the curve you don't expect or the discovery of a pothole that was not there yesterday.

Stay awake!

The short journey is likely to take you to a place where you feel most alive.

uplifting herbs

An uplifting vase of fresh herbs are always welcome on my kitchen table during the long winter months.


In anticipation for the new year ~ surround yourself with the most simple, most meaningful, most beautiful pieces of your life.


Please remember to hang your mistletoe strategically this Holiday Season.   ( 0:

if you love light

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If you love light, you will love a candle. A simple beautiful candle can change a conversation and even your day. 

Candles provide us with an opportunity to appreciate and create beauty adding light, energy and affordable luxury to life.

the color of cold

It is cold outside. A close look at the color of the ice crystals clinging to the farm house windows tell the truth. Here one of my favorite resources as an artist, the colors in nature, wholeheartedly illustrating color temperature with absolute perfection. In this magnificent play of color you can feel the chill in your bones.

Ice; cold, blue black Prussian Blue graced by touches of Cerulean Blue, finished by lively reflections of white light. Pure cold beauty!

simplicity rules

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There are many times when simple is best. Well, actually most of the time. Learning to appreciate the basic things in life brings great reward. To see absolute grandeur in the smallest of details. Perhaps in the holiday season it is not about the 'everything' but about all the simple nuances that bring us to knowing what is most important. 

Wishing you a merry holiday season!

blue and orange

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With winter upon us the palettes are changing.  This play of green and blue with subtle pops of orange has a way of capturing the heart. It is asparagus ready for Winter.  Van Gogh while contemplating  the use of color said, "There is no blue without orange or yellow".  It is so true.

a good dog

a good dog.jpg

A good dog has always been part of farm life.  He is the one who combines wisdom and purpose with a ton of unconditional love.

simple tools

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We cannot forget the simple tools that help us manage our every day lives.  Like the clothes pins that hang on the clothes line through the spring rains, summer sun and misty fall mornings.  There they are dependable worn wood bound together with wire waiting for wet white sheets. 

candle time

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With the shorter days of the fall and winter season do not forget to light a healthy natural candle to bring an ambiance of true beauty to your space.

seeing the new

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Zen monk-poet Santoka said, "Truth is seeing the new in the ordinary". If you look closely at nature you will often find a perfect palette.

creating beauty

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We create beauty.  It is what we love to do.  We help inspire beauty in the simple things that touch your life everyday. 

A simple bar of soap, an elegant candle. It's all pretty simple. Yet really beautiful. 

earth color

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Colors derived from the earth are a matter of beauty. There is nothing artificial about the purity or the harmony.  It is why the colorants in our soap collection are herbs. Herbs create unique textures & colors; madder root to imbue a deep shade of red, wheat and barley grass to create a vital spring green.  Simply beautiful.